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Shop my red tights on Amazon @ the link below! Unfortunately my shoes (SJP Taylor in red) are no longer available in this colorway but you can find them in silver or shop one of these similar styles!

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My dress is vintage from Awoke Vintage in Brooklyn so one of a kind but this Alexis dress can give you a similar vibe :) Shoes are Sergio Rossi available at the link below!

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These are my favorite shades! Been wearing them all over since the summer! Sold out from where I purchased but avail online at the link below! Boots are CHANEL and sadly not avail online but I know Bloomingdale’s 59th Street still has a few pairs (where I snatched mine!)

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I adore this dress so much!!! So sleek and sophisticated but sexy. My jeweled bow earrings sold out from Baublebar but they have a just as cute alt version avail in the links below! My shoes are Brian Atwood and no longer available either (le sigh) but the online retailer Lulu’s has a very similar version (not linkable).

Bought this top on impulse but wear it all the time!!! Now on sale in the link below!

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